Corvaglia Cap Process

Pillars of Our Success

Over 20% of all PET bottles filled with soft drinks all over the world are fitted with corvaglia closures. Our PET bottle caps have been tested by international beverage manufacturers and approved for their specific use in arange of different areas.


Our pioneering spirit and strive for innovation began in 1991. Our caps integrate all of our know-how and experience, vast innovation, and our commitment to meticulously produce caps that are just a little bit better, more lightweight, more precise, more rugged, more flexible, more sustainable, and more cost-efficient. Many design details are considered throughout our product and research in the development of caps and capping systems.


We work hard every day to make our closure solutions lighter while maintaining the same performance. In this way, we avoid the use of more than 5,000 tons of plastic each year. We are also constantly increasing the efficiency of our processes by applying modern waste disposal concepts and adjusting our processes to reduce operational waste.


We are a technology-driven company. The design and functionality of our caps are the result of constant adjustments in the development process and using the latest technologies. We meticulously test various parameters in our laboratories and use high-speed processing and precision inspection prevent defective products from reaching the customer. Flexibility and accessible technical expertise also provide peace-of-mind and risk avoidance for high-speed beverage operations.

Corvaglia Cap Solutions

Smartest cap solutions for any type of PET bottle produced.

Swiss Engineered Mold Making

As a mold maker and developer, we know from experience that the decisive factor for production efficiency is how many high-quality closures can be produced within a certain time period.


Corvaglia USA Closures

Our fully automated US production facility produce closures around the clock. We do it all. Cap design and development, mold-making, cap production, and application. We also have direct-to-cap digital and variable printing capabilities. Contact us here.

Widest Range Of Cap Solutions

Beverage caps for PET bottles have been our focus since 1991. Every beverage type is unique and has specific requirements. All that matters to us is the perfectly suited closure for every need, taste and application.

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