Over 1.1 trillion cr-caps have been produced since 1991


A few years ago, as a little gimmick, we programmed a counter on our website to show the total number of beverage caps produced with corvaglia design: cr-caps counter.

Recently, we reached the milestone of over 1.1 trillion (1.1 * 1012) cr-caps!

To better illustrate this impressive number:

If lined up in sequence, 33 million kilometers of cr-caps have been produced. This means that we have covered more than half the distance to our neighboring planet Mars!

If, thanks to our lightweighting philosophy, we reduced 0.1g material per cap, this adds up to over 110,000 tons of plastic saved. Enough to build the Legoland in Denmark 10 times!

This milestone confirms our commitment to delivering innovative and lightweighted closure solutions. A big thank you to our team, customers and partners for their continuous support on this exciting journey.

We will continue to work towards a sustainable future for the beverage packaging industry and look forward to many more milestones to come!