Neck finishes – a quick guide

Why we support standardization

As a manufacturer of plastic closures, we support the standardization of neck finishes. Standardization increases efficiency and reduces costs. But what exactly does it entail? The neck finish is the counter-thread for the closure and it receives the closure, so to speak.

Three ways to name them all

There are three approaches to naming:

1. According to actual dimensions
2. According to the sequential numbering system of a standardization organization
3. Using historically derived names

corvaglia’s own neck finishes

corvaglia has set its own standards, such as the PCO Corvaglia (PCO 16.8) or the corvaglia short neck (26/22-11.6 3-start or “CSN26”). You can find an overview in the product finder. You can also sort results according to neck finishes.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the closure solution that works for you.