Innovative Injection Mold Technology from corvaglia at the K Trade Fair 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany


True to the motto “After the game is before the game”, corvaglia is already gearing up for the next trade fair after a successful drinktec. The innovative “adaptive flex-band” injection mold technology will be unveiled alongside the latest closure solutions at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf, which will be held from October 19 to October 26, 2022.

The “adaptive flex-band” injection mold technology developed by corvaglia combines different – and in some cases conflicting – requirements of beverage bottlers and consumers. Above all, the technology offers major advantages for the tethered caps, which comply with EU Directive 2019/904.

The key objective for beverage bottlers is finding closure solutions that can be easily applied to the bottles on an industrial scale. This makes it easy to ensure high productivity and reduce scrap at the same time. For this purpose, a flexible tamper-evident band has become established for conventional closures.

Consumers, in turn, prefer a convenient opening and closing experience. Consumer tests have revealed that this requires locking it in the open position with a large opening angle. The locking mechanism requires hinges, which are preferably produced in the injection molding process using slides in the injection molds. Slides can be used to design a wide range of different hinges.

Combining both requirements in a single closure solution is difficult to implement from a technological point of view. Thanks to the new injection mold technology, however, corvaglia is now in a position to combine these two demands.

The corvaglia team of experts is looking forward to explaining the “adaptive flex-band” concept to you in greater detail. corvaglia sales representatives from all regions of the world will be on hand at the fair. The corvaglia booth is located at Hall 12/stand B36-02.