This is how closures are made

The injection molding procedure

We are an injection molding company through and through. Our experience goes back around 30 years. We create the molds and we produce the closures ourselves at our sites in Mexico, in the United States and in Switzerland. This means that the material in question is liquefied using an injection molding machine, injected into a mold under high pressure and then cooled. The finished closures are ready after cooling is complete.

We have a wealth of experience in this area and we can produce custom closure solutions that are tailored exactly to your needs. If you are interested in the injection molding technology, please feel free to visit our production facility and peek over the shoulders of our expert staff. Contact us to arrange a visit.

The compression molding process

In the compression molding process, a material is shaped using a die. The temperatures are comparable to those used in the injection molding process, but the pressure is lower.

As the compression molding process is a highly relevant process in the industry, we make a point of knowing it inside-out so that we can offer you our expertise in this field.