How we and the industry name beverage closures

corvaglia offers a wide range of beverage closures. However, in this blog post we would like to talk about two important beverage closures and explain how they (respectively their neck finishes) got their names.

The “1881” closure

The 1881 neck finish is THE standard for the bottling of carbonated soft drinks (CSD). The neck finish 1881 is the short-necked version of the 1810 neck finish, which was previously the most commonly used. The name is based on an ISBT standardization system.

The 29/25closure

The neck finish 29/25 may not be as widely used as the 1881 neck finish, but it is increasingly being used for still water. Its name is based on the geometry of the neck finish: the thread diameter is 29 mm, and the inner diameter is 25 mm. In some regions, the 29/25 neck finish has replaced the 30/25 because it requires less PET to make the bottles and less HPDE to make the closures. This saves money and reduces waste.

corvaglia offers various 29/25 closures for the neck finish: 29/25 standard, 29/25 smooth (slightly elevated) and 29/25 s/f (slitted/folded).